What’s it made of and why?

If you ask these questions about the products that surround you or dream about creating the building blocks for substances that haven’t yet been invented, you should explore materials engineering.

Materials engineers understand the scientific principles that govern how a material performs and its structure and composition. They also are involved in every stage of a material’s life cycle—from its initial extraction to the recycling of the product it helped create.

At UBC’s Materials Engineering program, you start with the core material groups—metals, ceramics, polymers and composites.

By fourth year, you’ll be solving process-design problems and materials-selection solutions for diverse applications in transportation systems, fuel cells, supersonic aircraft, advanced computers, sports equipment and biomedical devices.

From the smallest nano-particles to massive mining challenges—materials engineering expertise is sought after in multiple industries worldwide.

Vancouver Campus

Learn more at You UBC's program page or visit us at mtrl.ubc.ca