Encompassing multiple engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering is a practical, hands-on way of creating and improving physical systems. If you are a “ big idea” person with the drive to take a concept through design, analysis and prototyping—then mechanical engineering could be where you belong. Mechanical engineers are in high demand in a wide range of industries, from aircraft and energy development to biomedical, mechatronics and manufacturing industries.

As a student in UBC’s Mechanical Engineering stream, you’ll begin by mastering the fundamentals, building a knowledge base in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics, vibrations, heat transfer, controls and design. You can also delve deeper into areas you are passionate about, such as biomechanics, robotics and mechatronics, alternative-fuel technologies and energy efficient design.

In Mechanical Engineering, we believe education is about more than just your academics. Our community values industry experiences, team-based collaborations, and co-curricular and extracurricular activities. This is the right place for students who are looking for an education that extends beyond their classroom walls.

Vancouver Campus
Learn more at the Vancouver You UBC's program page or visit us at mech.ubc.ca

Okanagan Campus
Learn more at the Okanagan You UBC's program page or visit us at engineering.ok.ubc.ca