Did you know that UBC was recently named Canada's most innovative university?

UBC is a growing hub for entrepreneurship, and is enabling the entrepreneurial spirit every step of the way. It has plenty of resources to enable students with great ideas based on new technology to get started on their entrepreneurial journey. Some of these resources include:


Minor in Entrepreneurship 

Obtain knowledge and practical skills related to the formation of an entrepreneurial enterprise.


COMM 280 - Entrepreneurship 

Learn about entrepreneurship essentials through this hands-on interactive course.

IGEN 340 - Technology Entrepreneurship 

Learn skills needed to capitalize on the opportunities that exist in commercializing technology.

APSC 486 - New Venture Design (4th-years) 

Gain knowledge and practical experience related to the formation of an entrepreneurial enterprise based on the development of a new product or process.



A powerful combination of mentorship, education, venture creation and seed funding to support UBC students. 


An on-campus startup incubator that provides high-tech entrepreneurs with creative spaces, a networking cafe, tools to build prototypes, and mentorship. To help early stage UBC ventures get cracking, Hatch provides a small grant called the Concept Fund.

Success Stories

Meet innovators and creative thinkers and learn more about their ideas and their journey.