Frequently Asked Questions

Alumni FAQs

How do I update my address and contact information with UBC Applied Science? 
There are several easy ways to do this – through our online form; via e-mail to our APSC Alumni Engagement Office at or call 604-822-9454. We use the UBC alumni database, so if you have already changed your contact information through UBC Alumni Affairs, we will receive your update and there is no need to contact our office as well. Likewise, if you change your contact information through us, those changes will be made in the UBC alumni database. Please note that due to the amount of time it takes for a mailing to be produced, you may still continue to receive mail at your old address for up to a few more weeks after you contact us.

How do I find out about UBC Applied Science alumni events?
The Applied Science Alumni landing page will list all of our upcoming events that are planned at this time. From time to time, you may also receive email or printed invitations to events in your area if you keep your address current with us and do not have any mail restriction requests on your UBC alumni record. If you are not receiving invitations from us then contact Alumni Engagement at 604-822-9454 or e-mail our APSC Alumni Engagement Office at so that we can ensure we have your correct address and mail preferences on your alumni record.

I’d like to get in touch with a former classmate or professor. Can you give me their contact information?
Privacy laws do not permit us to share contact information for alumni or former faculty members, but we would be happy to pass a message along to that person on your behalf if we have current contact information for them. Phone Alumni Engagement at 604-822-9454 or e-mail our APSC Alumni Engagement Office at  with your request.

I lost/damaged my iron ring. How do I get it replaced?
Iron ring registration is administered by the Corporation of the Seven Wardens, which is independent of any university or provincial engineering licensing body (such as APEGBC). Please go to or a list of camps and contacts.

How can I find out if my class is planning a reunion during Homecoming?
Many anniversary classes have a Class Organizer or Committee. You may receive letters or phone calls from them indicating special plans for your class, as long as we have your current address and contact information to pass along to them. If you have not heard from your class organizer, or if your class is not listed, contact our APSC Alumni Engagement Office at or phone 604-822-9454.

I would like to receive some types of mail from the Faculty of Applied Science and the UBC, but not other types. Can I do this?
Definitely! We are happy to ensure that our communication with you meets your wishes. Some of the types of mail you can choose to receive – or not receive – are invitations to events in your area; your alumni magazine and fundraising requests. We have found in the past that sometimes alumni will contact us to say, “Take me off your mailing list!” when they really only want to be removed from certain types of mailings. Please contact our APSC Alumni Engagement Office at or call 604-822-9454 and we will ensure that your record is updated to reflect your wishes.