Applied Science students eligible for $25,000 quality of life design prize

In celebration of UBC’s Centennial year, the McEwen Family Charitable Trust has established a $25,000 prize for UBC Applied Science students who develop a product, design or best practice that improves quality of life. The McEwen Family Applied Science Quality of Life Prize is open to all UBC Applied Science undergraduate and masters students in engineering, nursing, architecture and landscape architecture, and community and regional planning.
“The Faculty is a unique grouping of departments, programs and schools. The common thread is the great potential for impact we have on the improvement of human health and safety, and the quality of life in our communities,” says Dean Marc Parlange. “We feel that there is no better way to celebrate 100 years of achievements than by looking to the future and showcasing the innovations from our students that will impact the next century.”
In order to qualify for the Prize, entries must be from a student enrolled in the Faculty of Applied Science, and must contribute to the advancement and improvement of humankind, whether that is through better medical materials, improved diagnostic machines, safer mines, improvement to nursing practice, or best practices in community planning or design. Entries must be submitted by an Applied Science student or a student team as their original idea or concept.
“I am delighted to have the partnership of the McEwen Family Charitable Trust on this initiative,” says Dean Parlange. “Dr. Jim McEwen is one of our alumni and has been a tremendous supporter of the Faculty and of education, exemplified by the generous establishment of the McEwen Family Teacher Recognition Award. The Quality of Life Prize showcases student innovation and the myriad ways we as nurses, planners, architects, designers and engineers make an impact on the everyday lives of people in our community.”
Deadline for applications for the prize will be March 2016. Read more at