Turkey 2-Part Tourney terrifies (and delights) APSC community

Turkey 2-Part Tourney mascots United Way's Seymour the Sea Otter and APSC's Turkey 2-Part Tourney committee member Karen Ballantyne pose with the Turkey Trophy. Photo: Zi Yuan.

As if the approach of another Vancouver winter weren’t scary enough, today UBC Applied Science hosted its second annual Turkey 2-Part Tourney — a Halloween-themed competition that struck mortal fear into the hearts of everyone in attendance.

After whispering prayers and saying goodbye to their loved ones, participants entered room 2020/30 of the Fred Kaiser building to face whatever the event’s shadowy masterminds had in store. But they couldn’t possibly have prepared themselves for the tribulations that followed.  

pumpkin telephone

Terrifying trivia, houses of horrors, pumpkin telephones, a pulse-pounding pancake race — the merciless onslaught of ghastly games tested APSC faculty and staff’s mettle like never before. In the end, the team known as Brussel Sprouts — composed of APSC Dean James Olson; APSC Associate Deans Bhushan Gopaluni, Carol Jaeger, Walter Merida and Sheryl Staub-French; and Capital Projects Manager Ron Loewen — rose like the dead above the others to claim the coveted Turkey trophy.

photo of the winning team

Fortunately, the torment was for a good cause: raising funds for the United Way of the Lower Mainland, which aims to create “healthy, caring, and inclusive communities” by investing in programs for children, seniors and other vulnerable populations. 

Thank you to all the brave Turkey 2-Part Tourney competitors and everyone who came out to support them. We look forward to seeing you again next year!


View photos from the Turkey 2-Part Tourney.