Transfer Credits

Students transferring from post-secondary institutions

Many students receive transfer credits when transferring to UBC Engineering from post-secondary institutions. Some of those credits will be transferred as specific UBC equivalent courses. In other cases, UBC will acknowledge the coursework produced in the school where the student is transferring from and grant 1st or 2nd-year level transfer credits that are not necessarily articulated as equivalent to a specific UBC course; they will be “unassigned” 1st or 2nd-year level transfer credits. In all likelihood, these unassigned transfer credits may become articulated as a specific equivalent UBC course, but they will have to be re-assessed. So if the transfer student believes that he/she has covered the content of a specific UBC course in one or more previously completed courses but did not receive exactly equivalent transfer credits, he/she will have to go through the re-assessment of unassigned credits process outlined below.

  1. The student must contact the Engineering Student Services Office (contact us) to inquire how many transferred credits are applicable to 1st year curriculum. The student could research this information individually by comparing the 1st-year curriculum and course descriptions against the transfer credits received.

    2nd-year level transfer courses are re-assessed only after the 2nd year placement process is finalized and the student is placed into a specific engineering program.

  1. If there are any unassigned 1st year APSC, CHEM, CPSC, MATH, PHYS transfer credits (i.e. MATH 1st - 3 crs. instead of MATH 100 - 3crs Differential Calculus.), the student has not received applicable transfer credits for 1st-year curriculum and should register for the MATH 100. However, if the transfer student believes that he/she has mastered the content of Differential Calculus via completion of one or several other courses, he/she will have to provide course outlines of those courses to UBC Engineering Student Services Office (contact us) to seek re-assessment of the unassigned MATH 1st 3 transfer credits.
  1. Once the course outlines are evaluated, the student will be informed if any change is to be made to his/her transfer credit record. The Engineering Student Services will also advise the student of course planning.

Students with AP, IB and A-level or GCSE-level transfer credits

Students who receive transfer credits for AP/IB/A-level or GCSE-level courses should refer to the following URL for more information:
Students should register for the full 37 credits load while awaiting AP/IB/A-level or GCSE-level results. Once the transfer credits record is updated (late July), students can make changes to their registration by dropping the courses for which they received transfer credits and replacing them with some other most common courses applicable to all Engineering programs (i.e. another Humanities and Social Sciences Electives (for a total of 6 credits degree requirement), Impact of Technology on Society, or APSC 201,195,272,30.

Students transferring from BC colleges

Students with transfer credits from BC colleges can view the articulation of those credits at