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The Faculty of Applied Science’s Communication Office is happy to help you connect with an expert in architecture, landscape architecture, community and regional planning, engineering or nursing. For assistance, please contact Wendy McHardy, Acting Director, Marketing & Communications, at 604-827-4762 or wendy.mchardy@ubc.ca.

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Name Other Languages Dept Expert Topics Areas of Research
Aamodt, Tor - EECE Electrical & Computer Eng Computer and software systems, computer architecture: microarchitecture for general purpose computing on graphics processing hardware (GPGPU), rapid prototyping of processor microarchitecture via analytical performance modeling, helper threads for instruction and data prefetching, heterogenous multicore processor microarchitecture
Abolmaesumi, Purang - EECE Biomedical Eng, Electrical & Computer Eng, Engineering Biomedical technologies, biomedical engineering with emphasis on computer-assisted surgery, image-guided therapy and medical image analysis
Abugharbieh, Rafeef - EECE Electrical & Computer Eng, Electrical Eng, Engineering Visual Computing in Biomedical Imaging Biomedical Technologies
Adebar, Perry - CIVL Civil Eng., Engineering Concrete structures: seismic design, high-rise buildings, shear design, evaluation and repair of structures
Agharebparast, Farshid - EECE Electrical & Computer Eng, Engineering Wireless and data networking technologies, communications networks and mobile computing
Alam, M. Shahria - UBCO Civil Eng., Engineering Smart materials, seismic rehabilitation of steel, concrete and masonry structures, seismic analysis and building design, tall buildings, fire performance of structures, performance-based design of structures
Altintas, Yusuf - MECH Engineering, Mechanical Eng Mechatronics, machine tool engineering, virtual high performance machining simulation systems, mechanics and dynamics of metal cutting, monitoring and control of machining processes for manufacturing automation
Asselin, Edouard - MTRL Engineering, Materials Eng High temperature/high pressure hydrometallurgy and electrochemistry, ammoniacal leaching, hydrometallurgical silicon refining
Atabaki, Nima - MECH Engineering, Mechanical Eng Thermofluids, heat and mass transfer, with applications to the conversion, storage and use of energy resources
Atwater, Jim - CIVL Civil Eng., Engineering, Environmental Eng Solid waste management, leachate generation, characterization and treatment, groundwater contamination, groundwater mitrification/denitrification, environmental engineering, toxic and hazardous waste management
Baldwin, Susan - CHBE Chemical & Biological Eng, Engineering Bio-process engineering; anaerobic fermentation; bio-remediation; reactor modeling; biochemical reaction modeling; reaction kinetics; particulate processes
Banthia, Nemkumar (Nemy) French, Hindi CIVL Civil Eng., Engineering, Sustainability Civil infrastructure, bridges, concrete, repair, strengthening, rehabilitation, recycling, industrial by-products, environment, materials engineering, advanced composite materials, sprayed fibre-reinforced plastics, sustainability
Barr, Peter - MTRL Engineering, Materials Eng, Sustainability Heat flow, combustion, plasmas, steel re-heating furnaces, rotary kilns, mathematical and physical modelling, materials processing for environment, greenhouse gas
Bérubé, Pierre French CIVL Civil Eng., Engineering, Environmental Eng Membrane and advanced oxidation technologies for water and wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, distribution system water quality, wastewater reuse
Beznosov, Konstantin - EECE Electrical & Computer Eng, Engineering Computer and Software systems, usable security, design of security mechanisms, distributed systems, access control, engineering secure software
Bhargava, Vijay - EECE Electrical & Computer Eng, Engineering Communication systems, green communications, cognitive and cooperative wireless systems, MIMO-OFDM systems, cross-layer analysis
Bi, Xiaotao (Tony) - CHBE Chemical & Biological Eng, Engineering Gas-solids fluidization, including modeling, scale-up and hydrodynamics studies of gas-solids bubbling and turbulent fluidized bed catalytic reactors
Bichler, Lukas - UBCO Engineering, Mechanical Eng Advanced characterization of materials, new alloy development, manufacturing processes, development of advanced joining and surface technologies for light alloys
Bowen, Bruce - CHBE Biomedical Eng, Chemical & Biological Eng, Engineering Biomedical modelling; natural convection; electro-kinetic phenomena; emulsification; particle deposition; transport phenomena
Branion, Richard - CHBE Chemical & Biological Eng, Engineering Microbial leaching; oil-water separation; paper technology; wastewater treatment