Walter Gage Book Project

Walter Gage

The Friends of Walter Gage have been working hard to publish a book about the “Dean of Everything.”  It will be a book about a man who asked nothing in return of the many who benefitted from knowing him, other than asking that they consider helping others in a similar manner in future if their circumstances permitted. The Applied Science faculty is proud to host the book’s companion website. But it’s not just about engineers. Alumni, emeriti, and staff from all UBC faculties plus anyone who knew Walter Gage are welcomed to share their stories and ultimately purchase a copy of the book.

A project plan is in place and being executed. A Book Creation team has been assembled to begin the writing phase. The book will be an 8”x10” full-colour soft cover with French flaps, a welcomed addition to any library and/or proudly displayed on a coffee table. A book launch event is tentatively scheduled for November 16, just in time for the gift-giving holiday season.

While much of the work is voluntary, there are tangible expenses to be paid. Professor Emeritus Michael Davies had a brilliant idea and made it happen. He worked with APSC Development & Alumni Relations to open an account to accept donations. As a show of support, Dean Parlange has graciously offered to make a significant matching contribution.

Donations in any amount are welcomed and individual donations of $1,000 or more will receive a tax receipt. Unfortunately, it is not possible to issue tax receipts for donations of less than $1,000. 

To those who have taken the time to share their story about Walter Gage, a heartfelt thanks. In a book with approximately 100 pages, clearly not all submitted stories will make it into the book. Not to lose anything, all stories will be posted on the companion website with recognition given to the storyteller. As more stories continue to be added, the list will grow and perhaps, spawn more stories about this amazing man.

Pre-orders are now being accepted. If you wish to ensure the book becomes a reality, please consider making a donation. Click here for donation details.