Student experience

Kwan Fung, BASc '19, Mining Engineering

My journey in mining started because of curiosity, but is now shaped by passion and purpose. Prior to university, I had almost zero knowledge of mining and only visited a mine once. Over the next six years, I completed over two years of internships at Shell and Suncor, competed nationally at the Canadian Mining Games competition, and internationally at the Move Mining competition.

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Nathan Skubovius, BASc '19, Mining Engineering

Nathan Skubovius is a member of the Tahltan Nation. At UBC, he was president of the UBC Mining Undergraduate Club and captain of the UBC Mine Rescue team. Nathan completed an architecture and engineering technologies diploma from Thompson Rivers University and worked as an engineering draftsman at the New Afton mine. He then worked for Teck at their Schaft Creek exploration camp, and then for Pretivm as a mining engineer student at the Brucejack Mine.

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Jakob Gattinger, BASc '19, Mining Engineering

Jakob has a passion for problem solving and serving those around him. Throughout his degree, he has focused on advocating for fellow students and building community in UBC Engineering. This has included involvement with the Engineering Undergraduate Society, Alma Mater Society, the UBC Board of Governors as well as UBC’s Vancouver Senate. Beyond UBC, he’s been involved with the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students, including a two-year stint as chair of the board of directors.

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Arpan Kandola, BASc '19, School of Engineering

Arpan Kandola was born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia. He is a civil engineering graduate with a passion for tech, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. From a career-ending ACL injury that halted his journey as a competitive athlete to losing his father in 2017, Arpan has worked hard in the face of adversity to complete his degree and excel academically despite the many setbacks faced in the process. He is excited to take on the next chapter in life and encourage prospective students to study engineering.

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Edward Wang, BASc '19, Chemical and Biological Engineering

When I came to UBC Engineering in 2014, I knew little about what engineering is and what engineers do. In the five years since, I’ve had many opportunities to learn about the discipline, and I am very happy with my choice.

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UBC team's fuel-efficient car takes 2nd place at California competition

A similar story appeared in Castanet.

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Meet Alexander Harmsen, B.A.Sc. '16, Engineering Physics

What has made your time at UBC the most memorable?

Being one of the first people on UBC Orbit, a Satellite Design team, joining the UBC Cryogenics and Life Extension Club, going on exchange to the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, traveling across the country with a drone strapped to our van, starting up UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems and being President of Engineers Without Borders. But, most of all, just getting to meet so many other awesome people and making so many memories!

Why did you choose Engineering?

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APSC hosts first Paper Airplane Workshop and Challenge

Last Friday, APSC hosted its first Paper Airplane Workshop and Challenge — and it was a soaring success!

Attendees were first treated to four brief but fascinating talks: Dean James Olson on the history and properties of paper; Pete Ostafichuk on paper airplane — or, to be more precise, paper glider — aerodynamics; Rajeev Jaiman on bio-inspired flight; and Nicholas Hui, captain of the UBC AeroDesign team, on the key differences between designing full-sized wooden, and paper aircraft.

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All-female team from UBC wins mine rescue competition

The clip starts at the 22:10 mark

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From adversity to innovation

In the summer of 2017, Michael Ko received some heartbreaking news. His older brother, Daniel, who has muscular dystrophy (MD), had gone into cardiac arrest. After he was rushed to the hospital and stabilized in the ER, Daniel spent four months in intensive care, slowly recovering from the ordeal. But it left him bedridden and with impaired speech due to a tracheostomy. 

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