Almost everyone can agree that diversity matters. But despite this consensus, women still represent less than 13 per cent of the licensed engineering workforce in Canada.

Over the past eight years, our Women in Engineering (WiE) initiative has worked to change this paradigm, helping to raise female enrollment in UBC Engineering from 18 to 30 per cent. Yet the number of women entering our engineering programs has plateaued. It is clear we must scale up our efforts—and need greater support to do so.

Join a community of your peers who are committed to supporting and encouraging the next generation of female engineers, and achieving a more inclusive and diverse engineering profession.

Pledge your commitment today.

Together WiE Can.


Pledge an annual donation of:

$1000+ per year
for five years
10+ years post graduation
$500+ per year
for five years
Within 10 years of graduation

*Members receive specialized Together WiE Can pin, an invitation to select WiE events and progress updates.


Your pledge will support:

  • Scholarships and other vital support for recognizing the achievements of top female engineering students
  • Outreach programs for K-12 student, teachers and parents to help encourage young women to consider engineering
  • Enhancements to engineering curriculum to quell “implicit bias” and other forces that impact equal representation of women in engineering
  • Industry-focused initiatives such as mentorship and creating a strong network of support to ease the transition into the workplace


Please contact Lindsay Barber at 604.822.5854 or to pledge your commitment to the future of women in engineering.


Goals of Together WiE Can:

  • Increase female enrollment in UBC engineering to 50 per cent through outreach, recruitment and retention
  • Ensure proportional representation of women and other underrepresented groups in the profession of engineering
  • Encourage girls and their “influencers” (teachers and parents) to choose engineering as a career choice
  • Promote participation of alumni and donors in engineering education and outreach initiatives
  • Diversify industry pipelines in STEM to foster innovation