Chuggernauts and Electric Choo-choos: The 2018 MECH 223 Design Competition


Last month, dozens of spectators cheered on 20 miniature freight locomotives as they attempted to travel faster, pull heavier cargo, climb steeper tracks and negotiate sharper curves than their competitors.

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APSC students win big at 2018 Western Engineering Competition

UBC engineering students have won first place in the programming category and second place in the reengineering category at the Western Engineering Competition (WEC), the largest engineering competition for undergraduates in Canada. Other UBC teams came third in the junior and senior design categories.

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New head of UBC MECH named

Hsi-Yung (Steve) Feng, PEng, has been named the new head of the UBC Department of Mechanical Engineering, effective May 1, 2018.

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Hao Min - Engineering - February 2018

Hao Min (BASc '09 CPEN, MBA '13) as recently was named one of Business in Vancouver's 2017 Forty under 40. Read how Hao's engineering degree helps him outside the field of engineering. Read more

Ryan Yada - Engineering - January 2018

Ryan Yada's (BASc '00 CPEN) work today is a lot different than his Computer Engineering degree. He is still involved with technology but the major focus is now on business relationships, team leadership, marketing, customer service, process improvement and business management. Read more about Ryan here. Read more

UBC wearable technology could change the way Olympic athletes train

Going for the gold is what the Olympics is all about and three UBC entrepreneurs are working to help athletes get closer to the podium.

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UBC students compete in locomotive design challenge

Event: Locomotive design competition

Date/Time: Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Location: Fred Kaiser Building (map), Room 1180, 2332 Main Mall, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Parking: Health Sciences Parkade (map)

Event details:

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Feds fund UBC Geering Up to give more kids coding powers

Geering Up, a UBC non-profit organization that seeks to stimulate interest in science, engineering and technology among BC children and youth, has received $260,000 under the Canadian government’s CanCode program.

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BC government invests in more UBC biomedical and manufacturing engineers

The Government of BC has committed funds for the creation of 624 spaces in undergraduate engineering and computer science programs at the University of British Columbia, it was announced today. The funding, which will be provided on a recurring basis over the next five years, aims to address an urgent challenge: the widening gap between the demand for and supply of skilled workers in BC’s technology sector.


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Designing for a brighter day

Meet Tiffany Quon, a third-year engineering physics student with a passion for design. Learn about some of her projects below! 

Rain activated art

In partnership with the UBC SEEDS Sustainability Program, I created installations on UBC walkways that would only be visible when in contact with water.

My hope is that the designs will brighten up rainy days and encourage a reflection on mental health. My two pieces were inspired by what students would like to see during stressful times.

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