How to Apply

How to Apply

Step 1: Choose a Specialization

Explore an area you might apply to and record the admission deadline for a complete file in that specialization.

Step 2: Requirements

Ensure you meet the admission requirements.

Step 3: Supporting Documents

The online application form will include the following:

  1. Contact information for Three Referees
    • References should be requested from individuals who are prepared to provide a report on your academic ability and qualifications.
    • For applicants that received their credential less than five years ago, they may submit two academic references and one relevant work reference. An academic reference is normally from the primary instructor of an upper level course taken within the degree being used as the basis of admission.
    • For applicants that graduated more than five years ago, they may submit three relevant work references.
    • Personal references are not acceptable.
  2. Resume
    • List clearly and briefly all post-secondary institutions attended, work experience, any publications, past awards, and scholarships.
  3. Statement of intent
    • Describe why you want to study in the area you are applying to, what in your academic background or work experience has prepared you for graduate study in this area. You are building a case that you are focused, skilled, enthusiastic, and a great match for their program.
  4. Uploaded documents 
    • Depending on the specialization applied to the applicant may be asked to upload PDF scans of the following:
      1. English test results
      2. Proof of Canadian Permanent Residency or Canadian Citizenship (for those not born in Canada)
      3. Official academic documents (if given a provisional admission offer, the documents couriered must match the scans used for review in order to receive an unconditional admission letter)

Step 4: Apply Online

Access the online application portal.

Step 5: Review Application

Follow the information given on the website of the specialization you applied to before you upload supporting documents or submit the online application. Changes cannot be made to the application form after you submit.