Tuition Fees

Tuition, Fees & Cost of Living


Graduate students pay tuition/fees year-round, even if not attending or registered for classes during the summer.

Tuition is listed in the UBC Calendar and increases by 2% each April 1. Tuition is calculated per year and paid in three instalments (tuition and various student fees the first week of September, January and May).

Student Fees and Student Society Fees

Student Fees and Student Society Fees are assessed differently per term. Some can be opted out of by directly contacting the responsible unit.

MEng students may be required to partake in one or more specialized activities, a one-time activity fee of up to $7,000 may be assessed at the beginning of the program to cover the costs of these activities. Fees are assessed based on the number, length, location and duration of activities, all activity fees are non-refundable.

Cost of Living

Cost of living depends a lot on the situation of the individual student.  However, these general guidelines will give you a sense of what to plan for.

Estimated minimum annual living costs for single person (not including tuition & student fees)
Room & Board $12,000 On or off-campus housing and food costs
Books & Supplies $800 Reading materials, lab/studio costs vary by program
BC Health Plan $864 Mandatory basic health coverage
Personal & Household Expenses $2,100 Clothing, personal care, household goods, etc
Entertainment $600 Having a bit of fun!