Chemical engineers are universal engineers, creatively and innovatively solving global energy, water and environmental issues while transforming raw materials into products that society depends on. 

Fusing the physical and chemical sciences with mathematics, process engineering, design and economics, a degree in Chemical Engineering opens doors to diverse opportunities, like clean-energy generation, nanotechnology and new material generation. 

At UBC, you’ll learn how to design, build and operate the manufacturing and industrial processes used to create the products and services essential to everyday life—from energy, food and fertilizers to pharmaceuticals, plastics and paper. Our emphasis is on instruction from world-class researchers, hands-on experience in learning labs, industrial site visits, and interaction with practicing engineers and industry partners. We foster a learning environment of inclusiveness, teamwork and creative thinking. 

Play a role in research; engineer safer, greener product formulations and processes; and help discover and develop new ways to minimize society’s environmental footprint, while maximizing value in the real world.

Vancouver Campus

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