If you are passionate about the outdoors and intrigued by digging deeper, you may thrive as a Geological Engineer.

UBC’s Geological Engineering program prepares students for exciting careers that often involve travel and on-site investigations in far-flung locales, as well as exposure to state-of-the-art engineering tools.

Employed by consulting firms, government agencies or large corporations, geological engineers assess the physical landscapes where dams, mines, roads, pipelines, railways, forestry and other extractive operations are planned.

UBC offers the Geological Engineering program in collaboration with the Faculty of Science, blending aspects of earth sciences, civil engineering and mining engineering with a fundamental understanding of the earth’s surface and near-surface environments.

You’ll learn about geotechnical engineering, geo-environmental engineering, applied geophysics, and mineral and energy resources. Feasibility studies for large energy and infrastructure projects, landslide-hazard management strategies, water-resource engineering, site-remediation technologies and geotechnical design are other important focus areas.

Vancouver Campus

Learn more at You UBC's program page or visit us at geoeng.ubc.ca