Post-Secondary Transfer

The Faculty of Applied Science accepts transfer students from faculties within UBC and other post-secondary institutions. In either case, students must apply for admission to the Faculty of Applied Science through UBC's Admissions Office. Students will be evaluated based their most recent 30 credits of university-transferable courses as well as the additional chemistry, mathematics, and physics requirements for admission.

If a student has at least 27 credits towards our first-year engineering program courses (see right column) by the end of April, they will be considered for second-year engineering. There is no guarantee that courses completed in the summer, term 1 (by end of June) will apply to the 27 credits for second year standing and will be subject to space in the program. Summer courses in term 2 will not be considered for second year placement. Students that do not meet this criterion will be considered for a modified first-year program. You can check the BC Transfer Guide for equivalent transferable courses from outside of UBC.

A very limited number of students may be admitted directly into third-year engineering if they were transferring from another engineering program. Students admitted directly into third year are advised of UBC's completion policy

UBC equivalent courses Credits UBC Engineering First Year courses ** Credits
No equivalent. Complete course once admitted to UBC Engineering. - APSC 100 * 3
No equivalent. Complete course once admitted to UBC Engineering. - APSC 101 * 3
APSC 160

Note: Non-engineering students only eligible to take in Summer Session, space permitting, if intending to transfer.
3 APSC 160 3
CHEM 111 (4) and CHEM 113 (4) or;
CHEM 111 (4) and CHEM 123 (4) or;
CHEM 121 (4) and CHEM 123 (4)
8 CHEM 154 3
ENGL 100-level (usually ENGL112, 110 or 111) 3 ENGL112 3
MATH 100 3 MATH 100 3
MATH 101 3 MATH 101 *** 3
MATH 221 3 MATH 152 *** 3
PHYS 101 (3), PHYS 118 (3), and PHYS 119 (1) or;
PHYS 107 (3), PHYS 108 (3), and PHYS 109 (1) or;
PHYS 101 (3) and PHYS 102 (3)
6 or 7 PHYS 157, PHYS 158 and PHYS 159 (formerly PHYS 153) *** 7
PHYS 170 3 PHYS 170 *** 3
Humanities and Social Sciences Elective 3 Humanities and Social Sciences Elective 3
Total credit 35 or 36   37

* If you have the equivalent of APSC 150, you will not be required to take APSC 100 and APSC 101. If you have the equivalent of APSC 151 AND one of CHEM 111+113 OR CHEM 111+123 OR CHEM 121+123, you will not be required to take APSC 100, APSC 101 and CHEM154. 

** If you completed the FULL "Engineering Transfer Program" at one of our 8 partner BC Universities or Colleges, you will have typically met the full First Year UBC Engineering program. 

*** If you are considering Mechanical Engineering at the Vancouver campus, please visit the Mechanical Engineering website for required pre-requisites. In most cases, students missing prerequisite courses will not be allowed to commence Mech 2 until they have completed all their first year courses.